About me

Maria Andersson 


The biography, Mitt liv, mitt beslut (My life, my decision)

AMANDA, an upcoming thriller about an female entrepreneur, how was being abused in business and how she with her own power hit back to the society. A must read girl-power book!



My life, my decision. Maria describe her childhood, growing up in an abused environment. How she as a women lived under threat and how she has used her own tools to against all odds choose life and help others. Maria lecture for the government, in jails, for organisations and cooperations. She has also a cooperation to lecture with Svenska Narkotika Polisföreningen (Swedish drug police association) and also NBV who has developed two study plans after her book.


The Concept MY LIFE:

Maria is the founder of the concept My Life. The concept include Onebracelet to highlight womens equal rights and bring contribution to the National Committees for UN Women. Onebracelet was launched in Sweden, September 2015 and today Onebracelet are sold globally. The concept My Life is created after her own experiences to highlight gender equality and to end violence against women.


The Concept AMANDA:

Amanda means, She who should be loved (the women). Marias upcoming book AMANDA is a part of the concept. The purpose with the concept is to build strong women and give female entrepreneurs tools to come forward. Become an AMANDA, believe in yourself and create women empowerment together with us!


OrangeDay MC:

OrangeDay MC is an MC cortege who will run from Helsingborg to Norrköping May 25, 2018. The cortege is an manifestation to End Violence Against Women.



Maria is interested in technology and how you can develop the fastest growing area in the world. She has created a new technology that will help organisations and cooperations to help and reach out without open their own wallet. The world become more digital every day, why not use that to create a better world!



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